Typhoon Son-Tinh in Hainan province

Typhoon Son-Tinh has landed Hainan Province had a great affect on 117 villages . The south of Hainan islands appear 10 to 12 winds , rainfall in117 villages reached 100 millimeter above until October 26 .Wind will decrease gradually in some part of Hainan province on October 29. The some part Villagers suffer from Typhoon Son-Tinh .

Typhoon Son-Tinh in Hainan province
Five people were missing after Typhoon Son-Tinh sank their boat in the South China Sea near the city of Sanya on Sunday, maritime authorities said.
Local sea rescue center in Sanya, Hainan Province, received a report at about 6 a.m. saying an unpowered engineering vessel half-sanked near a cargo terminal of Sanya after being hit by strong winds.

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