Understand The Reason Why Silicone Jewelry Is Easy To Crack!

At present, silicone material jewelry is a popular kind of daily necessities among promotional gifts, especially for primary and secondary school students wearing accessories, which has a huge consumer market. If you want to improve the return rate, it still needs to focus on its appearance style, so the beautiful degree of the product appearance is its focus. However, in addition to the exquisite and beautiful appearance, the quality and service life of silica gel accessories have become many friends You are concerned about the problem, just bought a short time ago, but due to improper use of the phenomenon of fracture damage, so what is the reason for silicone jewelry so fragile, and what methods to improve its quality life?

The phenomenon of tearing and breaking seriously affects the purchasing desire of consumers, so the quality of silica gel jewelry becomes the key. For example, silicone necklaces or silicone bracelets are compared with manufacturers. There are many ways to prevent it from breaking. Friends who have common sense and will cherish it will naturally be much better. However, each consumer's heart is different The quality of products is different, so it is most important to control the quality of silicone products at the source.

The material of jewelry is the key. Raw materials with higher quality will have a good service life. However, different market prices will naturally lead to different quality requirements. Therefore, the requirements for raw materials are also different. For brand silica gel jewelry, rubber materials with good tensile effect are usually selected, such as Huawei Bracelet, millet bracelet, etc., and the quality of comprehensive shopping malls and ground stalls will be followed Quantity will be another matter, so positioning the price of products is still more important, but there will be certain differences in material formula and effect. Good materials may not be brand accessories, and bad materials may not be floor goods!

For silica gel jewelry manufacturers, the production and processing of products also control the quality of silica gel. The quality of products depends on the management and control of production personnel. The main reason for the brittleness of products is that the processing temperature is too high and the curing time is too long, which leads to the product being too brittle, which is beyond the temperature range of the material. The main control measures are the temperature of the curing machine and Processing time, in the processing process can not be any adjustment parameters and mold time can!

The quality defects of the products are the main reasons, such as the small damage of the products produced and the cracks in the edge trimming in the subsequent process. Because the silicone material is the material that must be opened when meeting the mouth, if the product is damaged by sharp blade, the product can not be remedied basically, and the tear will gradually become larger after long-term stress. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should try not to be sharp when wearing silicone jewelry Blade contact, or you'll lose it!

On the one hand, the main structure problem is also on the one hand. Under normal circumstances, the silicone material will not have a right angle and a larger taper angle structure. If there is, some R chamfering will be appropriately added to the corner part of the product to maintain the roundness. Therefore, if the product has a certain angle and right angle when the hardness of the product material is high, it is likely to cause damage and tear, and the other factor is the product Hardness determines its tensile force, the higher the hardness, the greater the brittleness of the product, and combined with the size of the thickness of the ruler, the degree of tearing and embrittlement has a certain impact!

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