Uses with high hydrogen content


Under the action of metal salt catalysts, high-hydrogen silicone oil can be cross-linked to form a film at low temperature, forming a waterproof film on the surface of various substances. It can be used as a variety of materials such as fabric, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble, etc. Waterproofing agent, especially for fabric waterproofing. Methyl hydrogen silicone oil emulsion is shared with methyl hydroxy silicone oil emulsion, which can be waterproof and can maintain the breathability of the fabric, and can improve the tear strength, friction strength and stain resistance of the fabric, and improve the feel and stitching performance of the fabric. In addition, it is used as a release agent and crosslinking agent for paper.

The specific uses are as follows:

1. Special raw materials for building ceramics antifouling and antifouling (A, B liquid).  

2. Moisture-proof and hydrophobic treatment of natural stone, marble, polished tiles and building substrates.  

3. Special waterproofing agent for waterproof gypsum board, gypsum waterproof board, gypsum block and other products, the water absorption rate is less than 10%, which meets the national standard.

4. The synthesis of various modified silicone oils, such as the synthesis of polyether silicone oil, is a necessary material for polyurethane foam stabilizer, paint flow agent, organosilicon fabric finishing agent, and hydrophilic silicone oil.  

5. Waterproofing agent and softening agent for natural and synthetic fiber fabrics, silk and leather, such as textile cotton, silk, acrylic, polyester and other fiber soft finishing, mainly with hydrogen-containing silicone oil emulsion or hydrogen-containing emulsion and The method of using hydroxy silicone oil emulsion together.  6. Waterproof and anti-sticking agent for paper, and waterproof and softening agent for glass fiber.  

7. It is used for moisture-proof and hydrophobic treatment of dry powder materials such as dry powder fire extinguishing agent, electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, calcium carbonate and so on.  

8. It is used as an anti-yellowing agent for high temperature fluidized silicone rubber, and as a crosslinking agent for addition-molded silicone rubber products, it can also be used to dilute silicone rubber inks.

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