UV disinfection lamp: the coronavirus killer

Health has always been a commonplace topic. In addition to this year's sudden epidemic, people regard epidemic prevention and disinfection as the top priority of their lives. It is highly efficient and safe to use ultraviolet disinfection lamp for indoor sterilization and disinfection. It is widely used in hospitals, schools and other crowded places. Recently, an upgraded version of ultraviolet disinfection lamp has come into our home to help create a safer home environment.

UV disinfection lamp has double disinfection performance of "UV + ozone". The overall sterilization rate of the product is 99%, and the mite removal rate is as high as 100%. Ultraviolet can destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, resulting in the death of their growth cells and regenerative cells, while the ozone produced by ultraviolet disinfection lamp can oxidize the enzymes needed for the decomposition of glucose in bacteria, resulting in the death of bacteria, achieving the effect of sterilization.

UV disinfection lamp: the coronavirus killer


UV disinfection lamp uses "physical + chemical" disinfection method, which has the advantages of broad spectrum, high efficiency, fast and thorough, no drug resistance, no residue, no secondary pollution and so on. It can purify the air, eliminate mildew, disinfect and kill bacteria, and remove mites. It is especially suitable for rooms with bad ventilation conditions and no sunlight on the back. It can fully kill bacteria, cut off the transmission path of bacteria through the air or the surface of objects, and create a safer and more comfortable home environment.



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