Viscosity and advantages of silicone oil

silicone oil is a colorless and tasteless transparent liquid with stable chemical properties, high boiling point and low freezing point. As a liquid, it has a wide range of viscosity, small viscosity temperature coefficient, good hydrophobicity, excellent lubrication performance, physiological inertia, good chemical stability, inert to materials, no corrosion, good weather resistance and other characteristics. Today's small part will introduce the silicone oil Viscosity and benefits!

Advantages of silicone oil

1. The viscosity temperature performance is the best among the liquid lubricants, and the viscosity changes little in a wide temperature range. Its freezing point is generally less than – 50 ℃ and some as high as – 70 ℃. The appearance and viscosity of the oil remain unchanged after long-term storage at low temperature. It is a base oil with high temperature, low temperature and wide temperature range.

2. Excellent thermal oxidation stability, such as thermal decomposition temperature > 300 ℃, low evaporation loss (150 ℃, 30 days, evaporation loss is only 2%), oxidation test (200 ℃, 72h), viscosity and acid value change little.

3. Excellent electrical insulation, volume resistance, etc. do not change in the range of normal temperature to 130 ℃ (but the oil can not contain water).

4. It is a non-toxic, low foaming and anti foaming oil, which can be used as defoamer, etc.

5. Excellent shear stability, can absorb vibration, prevent vibration propagation function, can be used as damping fluid.

Viscosity is an important index of dimethyl silicone oil, which directly affects the performance of the product. Dimethyl silicone oil with a certain viscosity can be prepared by adjusting the amount of chain stop agent during synthesis, or by mixing two or more dimethyl silicone oils with different viscosities. In the actual production process, due to various factors affecting the production process, such as temperature, time, temperature, etc The pressure and other factors affect the link between molecules, resulting in the viscosity of dimethylsilicone oil which is different from the theoretical calculation. Therefore, the viscosity blending process is needed in the production process of dimethylsilicone oil.

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