What Are Silicone Gloves?丨china Silicone

silicone gloves are actually a relatively common silicone product in daily life, for example, when we are making bread, cakes, cookies, we can not do without the oven, but the oven after working at a very high temperature, it is difficult to remove directly by hand, so the role of silicone gloves comes into play. So what is a silicone glove? The following Weishun silicone editor tells you.

First, silicone gloves product has many advantages as follow:

 1, high-temperature resistance, higher up to 250 degrees.
 2, the product material is soft, comfortable to the touch.
 3, non-stick water, non-stick oil, easy to clean.
 4, used in the oven, microwave oven or refrigerator, etc., are no problem, easy to freeze and high-temperature environment.
 5、A variety of color specifications, novel style, fashionable and avant-garde.
 6, the material used is food-grade silicone raw materials.
 7, good toughness, not easy to tear bad, can be reused many times, non-stick, easy to clean.
Second, the common shape
Silicone gloves, the main common finger full isolation type, finger semi-isolated type and finger not isolated type. Different shapes, the degree of protection of the fingers are different. Among them, the silicone gloves with non-separated fingers are the most numerous, and the appearance is more diverse, with puppy-shaped, frog-shaped, piggy-shaped, etc.
Third, product colorWhat Are Silicone Gloves?丨china SiliconeThe color of silicone gloves, the industry is based on the classification on the Pantone color card, is completed through the production process of color mixing. The specific method is, according to the color formula to a variety of color paste for deployment, and then added to the silicone raw materials in a certain ratio.
The advantages of silicone gloves made of heat-insulating silicone rubber.What Are Silicone Gloves?丨china Silicone                                                                      What Are Silicone Gloves?丨china Silicone       
Heat-insulating silicone gloves and other tasteless, non-toxic, dust-resistant, durable, impermeable, easy to clean; also in the oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator safe to use; is now very good environmental protection materials: low-carbon, non-toxic, tasteless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, water seepage, heat insulation, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, durable, effective protection of furniture surfaces from burns, scratches, temperature range: -50 ~ 230 degrees. 230 degrees.
Heat-insulating silicone prepared by alkali-free superfine glass wool, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, fumed silica, iron oxide, hydroxyl silicone oil and other raw materials. Kitchen supplies, generally used in the baking industry such as the bread, cake industry, can be used at high temperatures to protect hands from high temperatures, comfortable to wear, can improve efficiency. As well as for use in the oven, microwave oven or refrigerator and other electrical appliances use.

In summary, silicone gloves are one of the more common silicone kitchenware, with odorless, impermeable, easy to clean, high-temperature resistance, but also can be very effective in protecting the surface of furniture from high-temperature damage.

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