What are the advantages and effects of silicone mask?

silicone mask has been developed in the early years for anti-virus and anti fog, and the selection of silicone mask has a relatively long service life, soft and comfortable. Long time wearing, not easy to cause allergic reaction. However, silica gel materials also have different degrees of hardness and softness. Masks with high hardness are easy to cause facial indentation, while those with low hardness may not be worn firmly, which is prone to air leakage.


According to our understanding, the current market known as anti haze silicone mask and silicone mask products, in fact, only the part pasted on the face is made of silica gel material, and the main part is made of Plastic, which is filtered by filter box or filter. Silicone products have good skin affinity, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and comfortable, not aging and hardening, easy to clean, durable and deformation, repeated use can still ensure good adhesion, sealing and other advantages.


However, if the filtering part of silicone rubber mask and silicone mask does not achieve multi-layer filtering at the same time, filter cotton is used, such as synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, etc, One or more kinds of filter cotton and one or more layers of filter cotton are used for air filtration in order to prevent the new coronavirus from invading the human body. However, the actual effect is quite different. Therefore, whether it is a silicone mask or a common mask, the important problem is still the filter element problem in the middle.


At present, most of the silicone masks are mainly made of filter materials, filter channels, exhaust valves, silicone face sealing masks and face sealing masks, which are all made of silicone materials to prevent harmful gases from leaking into the masks. Through special design, the filter channel of the transverse filter chamber is extended, PM2.5 dust is effectively filtered, and the harm of air to human body is reduced. The selection of silica gel masks is that they can be used repeatedly and have a long service life It's long, just need to replace the filter cotton of the middle part of filter element. It's different from the ordinary mask in that it uses food grade environmental protection silica gel material and pacifier, which is similar to children's gum material. It's soft and comfortable without harm to the skin. After use, the silica gel part can be disassembled, steamed and sterilized, and used repeatedly. There's no fear of bacteria growing in the contact surface with the skin!

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