What Are The Advantages And Effects Of Silicone Masks

Silicon mask in the early years for antivirus prevent mist has been developed, and choose the silicone material mask, service life is relatively long, long time wearing comfortable soft, not easy to cause an allergic reaction but also different degree of hard and soft silicone material, high hardness of the mask from the face impression, while low hardness may not wear strong, prone to leakage phenomenon.

According to understand, on the market at present is called anti-fog haze of silica gel mask silica gel mask product, in fact only on the position of facial parts made of silicone material, the main body part adopts material or Plastic, through the filter box or filter air filter due to silicone products have very good close skin, avirulent insipidity, soft and comfortable, not aging hardening, easy to clean, durable without deformation, repeated use can still guarantee the advantages of good joint sealing but silicone rubber masks silica gel mask filtering part without do multi-layer filter at the same time, with or filter cotton, such as synthetic fiber filter cotton.

Novel Coronavirus is used to prevent human body from being affected by a novel coronavirus. However, the actual effect is far from the same. Therefore, whether it is a silica gel mask or an ordinary mask, the most important problem or the filter element in the middle is the problem.

Most is mainly by the production of silica gel mask way, filter material, filtering channel, exhaust valve, the silicone seal cover face facial seal cover are made by silicone material integration, to prevent the harmful gas leaks into the respirator with special design, extend the transverse filter chamber of the channel, to PM2.5 filter dust effectively and reduce the harm of human body and air with silica gel mask is is is that can be used repeatedly, lifeLong, need to replace the filter element in the middle of filter cotton, it is different from common respirator use food grade environmental protection silicone material and the pacifier, children's tooth gel material, soft and comfortable do not have a harm to the skin, and make with silicone part can be removed after boiling disinfection, repeated use, contact with the skin do not worry about bacteria can develop

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