What are the advantages and protective effects of silicone mask 1

However, with the consumption of medical materials and protective equipment, the demand and quality of masks have become a hot topic. At present, many people can't buy masks, and some people buy inferior masks. As for the silicone products industry, they also know that relevant enterprises are developing and producing silicone masks, which can be used repeatedly, compared with disposable masks It has a longer service life.

How to distinguish masks: from which standards?

From the current situation, of course, the higher the dust-proof level, the better. Now the dust mask must implement the gb2626-2006 standard. Dust masks are divided into kn100, kn95 and Kn90. Among them, kn100 can achieve nearly 100% (more than 99.97%) protection effect on ultra-fine dust. Kn95 grade can be selected for large particle size. The protection effect depends on two aspects.

One is the filtration efficiency of filter cotton.

The other is the air leakage rate after the mask and the face match. Therefore, the mask must be divided into size, and the air leakage rate of the mask and the face varies from person to person.

Dust removal: scientific selection of dust masks certified by gb2626-2006 standard is helpful to prevent lung injury.

1. Choose compound half mask type. The disposable mask is not suitable for long-term or occupational protection due to its high air leakage rate.

2. Select kn100 grade. High dust environment and low protection rate will lead to body injury.

3. It's extremely important that the masks be sized. It is not recommended to buy those so-called universal masks, which are prone to air leakage.

4. There are two kinds of masks covering the mouth and nose, covering the mouth and nose and mandible. It is recommended to use the latter, which is relatively comfortable.

5. It is recommended to choose the respirator with smooth breathing. Some masks are designed with double filter cotton and double filter surface, which is relatively smooth in breathing and has a long service life.

6. It is suggested to evaluate the quality, grade, comfort and economy of occupational protection, and choose a good mask to effectively prevent pneumoconiosis.

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