What Are The Advantages Of Liquid Silicone Rubber

What are the advantages of liquid silicone rubber? It is a liquid adhesive with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, safety and environmental protection. It can fully meet the requirements of food grade. Liquid silicone rubber can also be used for coating, dipping and pouring.

Liquid silicone rubber is made of silicone rubber products, English abbreviation LSR. It has good elasticity, water and moisture resistance, and is resistant to acid, aChinaali and other chemical substances. It can be used to replace daily Plastic products, such as silicone miChina bottles and nipples. It is a hot and popular liquid silicone product. At the same time, liquid silica gel is also used in human surgery, plastic industry and physiotherapy industry are inseparable, liquid silica gel does not contain any harmful substances, and is not easy to deform.

It has good stability and can be stored for at least 1 year without adding curing agent (sealed at room temperature of 25 ℃, not affected by moisture and high temperature);

What Are The Advantages Of Liquid Silicone Rubber

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