What are the advantages of non-woven masks

There are two types of non-woven face masks, one is made of cotton gauze or knitted fabric, and the middle is sandwiched by various types of non-woven fabrics; the other is directly made of non-woven fabrics. The type of the latest news is that the surface and the back are all non-woven fabric raw materials, and a layer of filter paper will be sandwiched in the middle, which can gradually increase the filtering function of the non-woven mask. The editor of disposable masks will introduce you to the advantages of non-woven masks?

Non-woven masks are often favored by people, mainly because it has the following advantages: good ventilation, non-woven fabrics have better ventilation than other fabrics, and once there is filter paper in the non-woven fabric, its The filterability will be stronger; at the same time, the non-woven masks have higher thermal insulation than ordinary masks, and their water absorption capacity and waterproof material are good; in addition, the non-woven masks have good elasticity, and it is not easy to appear even on the left and right sides. The messy problem is good in touch and extremely soft. Even if it is cleaned many times, it is not easy to harden under direct sunlight. Non-woven fabric masks have high elasticity and can return to their original shape after long-term application.

However, it is also a certain defect: compared with other textile cloth masks, non-woven masks have relatively poor strength and durability, and are not easy to clean. Once the daily maintenance is not good, it is very prone to tearing.

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