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At present, many domestic enterprises use silica gel for masks compared with rubber:1 silicone avirulent insipidity some rubber toxic and relish the 2 silicone rubber comfortable soft comfort significantly than silica gel silica gel are more likely to be well aligned and facial, sealing strong 3 silicone chemical stability is extremely difficult to paint and other chemical reactions especially for oil acid aChinaali basic no reaction 4 silicone rubber in oil soon deformation easily cleaning times 5 silicone rubber very long service life of the pressure cooker sealing ring even if the silica gel, generally under the environment of high temperature and high pressure water and oil, 5 years no problem rubber aging resistance was significantly worse.

Therefore, suggest to buy silica gel mask, initial buy expensive, long-term use of cheap the mask must be size, regardless of size of face mask and facial joint effects vary from person to person cleaning way: science is chosen after dust mask gb2626-2006 standard certification, can help prevent lung injuries

1.Choose double half mask type disposable masks due to the high air leakage rate, not suitable for long-term or occupational protection in

2.Choose kn100 dust filter cotton using low protection rate will lead to the body hurt by 3.Choose a silicone mask that is more comfortable and suitable for wearing for a long time, and is less likely to cause allergic reaction. High hardness masks are easy to cause facial indentation.

4.It is extremely important that you do not buy masks of the so-called universal size that are prone to air leaks

5. There are two kinds of masks covering the mouth and nose, and the mouth, nose and jaw. The latter is recommended for comfort

6. It is recommended to choose masks with smooth breathing. Some masks are designed with double filter cotton, and the filter cotton has two sides, so such masks are relatively smooth breathing.

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