What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Dust Mask

Compared with rubber:

1. Silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless. Some rubbers are poisonous and tasty.

2. silicone is soft and comfortable. Rubber is not as comfortable as silicone. Silica gel is easy to combine with face and has strong sealing property.

3. The chemical stability of silica gel is very strong. It is not easy to react with other chemicals. Especially, it has no reaction to oil, paint, acid and aChinaali. Rubber deforms quickly when it comes to oil.

4. Silica gel is easy to clean. Rubber comes second.

5. The service life of silica gel is very long. Even if the sealing ring of pressure cooker is made of silica gel, it will be OK for 5 years under high temperature, high pressure, water and oil environment. The aging resistance of rubber is obviously poor.


Therefore, it is recommended to buy Silicone mask, which is expensive at the initial purchase and low in long-term use.

This mask must be divided into different sizes, and the fit effect of masks without size is different from person to person.



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