What are the applications of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives in electronic appliances?

1. Electrical insulation. Electrical insulation is mainly transformers, interlayer insulation and outer sealing of windings of electromagnetic coils, wire and cable joints and terminal insulation. Commonly used are polyvinyl chloride tape and polyester tape. When heat resistance is required, you can use silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, glass cloth, polytetrafluoroethylene or polyimide as the base tape. Small transformers and low-voltage coils are made of polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polypropylene, or impregnated, coated paper and cloth-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for winding insulation, terminal fixing, and outer packaging. For large transformers that require heat resistance, aramid and glass cloth tapes can be used. Polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene or silicone impregnated glass cloth tapes can also be used. In order to improve the electrical insulation performance of transformers, vacuum varnishing of insulating varnish is generally performed. At this time, the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape should be resistant to impregnation of the insulating varnish.

2. Welding masking and surface protection. The plug-in part of the printed circuit board must be electroplated to improve the contact performance. When wave soldering the circuit board, it is necessary to mask the parts that are not tinned; masking tape is used when spraying. Masking tape generally uses high-strength thin paper, crepe paper or polyester film as the substrate. It is also required to be resistant to solvents, and wave soldering masking tapes are required to withstand high temperatures above 230 ° C instantaneously. High-grade nameplates and sprayed surfaces for household appliances, the glass screen surface of kinescopes, and the surface of electronic calculators are mostly protected with a polyethylene film-based protective film (a special pressure-sensitive adhesive tape) for surface protection. It is required to be easily peeled off, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive should not remain and pollute the protective surface. Protective films are also used for semiconductor and integrated circuit silicon wafers.

3. Bundle fixation. The deflecting coils and demagnetizing coils of televisions are mostly made of flame-retardant PVC tape for the bundling and end processing. Fixing and sealing of electrical conduits or plywood of refrigerators and washing machines; in the production process of refrigerators and air conditioners, fixing and sealing of insulating materials such as foamed polyurethane or foamed polyethylene during molding, between the glass tube of the picture tube and the explosion-proof hoop All buffers are applied with various pressure-sensitive tapes. Plug-in automation during printed circuit board assembly requires the components to be arranged neatly. The use of paper-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tape can make individual components into a strip-shaped and orderly packaging form. Based on the orderly various components, the whole machine factory will pre-program The instruction program performs second-order sequence taping, which is the only method in the electronics industry that can perform high-speed automatic plug-in. In addition, the automated production of ceramic chip capacitors, polyester capacitors and resistors also require pressure-sensitive tape for braiding. Electronic equipment tends to be miniaturized, and the production volume of chip (leadless) components will increase, which will greatly increase the amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives used for packaging of leadless components.

4. Double-sided paste. The installation of scale plates for audio equipment and the use of double-sided adhesive tapes for door indicators in color TVs can greatly improve their operability. The double-sided adhesive tape based on foamed polyurethane is also widely used for shock prevention in audiovisual equipment. Double-sided tape is used for the reinforcement of the ends of flexible circuit boards required for miniaturization of electronic computers and other devices, the installation of membrane switches used on electronic calculator keyboards, and the installation and fixing of polarizers for liquid crystal displays.

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