What Are The Causes Of Silicone Product Deformation?

In various industries, silicone products with a large amount of daily necessities are deformed. After deformation, the deformation will not rebound. In the long-term deformation, it will gradually become another shape, which is not convenient for us to use. Especially for the silicone pad and the products with relatively thin thickness, what are the reasons why the silicone products will not rebound after a long time of twists and turns? Some of the problems that lead to the deformation of silicone products are related!

The poor maintenance of silicone products in the use process leads to accelerated aging. It is easy to clean without drying. It is exposed to thermal reaction for a long time. Different application environment, such as ozone destruction, may cause deformation of silicone rubber products, and incorrect maintenance methods of silica gel products will also lead to product deformation. Correct cleaning and use generally will not deform, so pay attention to the details of the above problems when using.

What Are The Causes Of Silicone Product Deformation?

Why is silicone oil the main reason? Silica gel is non-toxic, colorless and tasteless. It is a very important part of organic silicon raw materials. It is the raw material that determines the quality and performance of silicone products this season. Therefore, the silicone oil content is in toughness, softness and adhesion. Less may lead to insufficient performance of siloxane products and increase deformation. Excessive addition of silica gel will cause material problems of siloxane products. There is no surface tension on the hard material, and small molecules can be detected. Too high content of silicon dioxide will lead to high viscosity of products, so sometimes our silicone products will appear too viscous or viscous due to the silicone oil in silicone oil products, so it will not only affect the deformation, but also affect the quality of the reasons!

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