What are the characteristics of large diameter silicone tubes?

Large-diameter silicone tubes are used in the transportation, automotive, and shipbuilding industries. In the automotive industry, silicone tubes are used primarily for systems such as engine water cooling and intercooling. In addition to being used in the automotive industry, large-diameter silicone tubes are also widely used in radio motors and communications equipment, and are also used in the aerospace industry. In general, large-diameter silicone tubes It is a kind of industrial silicone tube.


What are the characteristics of large diameter silicone tubes?

Although the large diameter silicone tube is an industrially used silicone tube, its quality and performance requirements are also very strict. Large-diameter silicone tubes are also used in many important systems in the industry, and their role is very important, so the performance requirements for silicone tubes are particularly strict.

The large-diameter silicone tube is a silicone tube with a large diameter that meets the connection needs of some large equipment and the needs of the catheter. The silicone tube has large elasticity, high elasticity, and is resistant to compression for a long time without deformation. At the same time, the silicone tube can also have a flame retardant effect. Many silicone tubes are now made of imported silica gel. All are non-toxic, odor-free, environmentally friendly and highly transparent.

The large-diameter silicone tube has better heat resistance than the ordinary rubber tube. The large-diameter silicone tube can achieve the effect without any performance change in the high temperature environment below 150 degrees. The large-diameter silicone tube is in two Baidu. In high-temperature environments, it can still be used for 10,000 times without changing any performance. Therefore, more and more applications have used large-diameter silicone tubes instead of the original rubber tubes. This change has also increased production safety several times. There are strict requirements for large diameter silicone tubes used in the automotive industry.

For the inner diameter of large-diameter silicone tubes, the inner diameter can be 5 mm according to the production requirements, and the largest outer diameter can be produced to 500 millimeters. The thinnest wall thickness of large-diameter silicone tubes can be two millimeters.

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