What are the characteristics of tire isolators?

1. Economic and reasonable: low cost, easy to use.

2. Environmental impact: no pollution to atmosphere and water quality.

3. Non self adhesive: there is no adhesion between the cured isolation layers.

4. Safety and health: it is not easy to burn and explode, and has little impact on the health of operators.

5. No migration: after the isolation layer is bonded with the adhesive layer, it has little influence on the adhesion, and retains a high bonding rate.

6. Good processability: long service life of solution, good wettability to substrate, good coating and adhesion, fast curing of coating.

7. Proper peeling: the separating layer can control the stripping force of adhesive layer, and can be made into light stripping, general stripping, heavy stripping, high-speed stripping and low-speed stripping.

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