What Are The Functions Of Silicone Oil In Skin Care Products?

Some skin care products on the market can be seen in the composition of silicone oil, what role?


1It is worth mentioning that silicone oil is colorless and odorless, which does not affect the appearance and aroma of the final product; it is easy to use and has good expansibility; it has good hydrophobicity and smoothness; it is a non-toxic and harmless product with no stimulation to the skin and high safety to the human body; it has good gas permeability and does not hinder the skin respiration; it has good chemical stability and does not react with other cosmetics raw materials.


  1. Silicone oil has many unique properties, which can be added to cosmetics to increase comfort and give luster. It has been widely used in hair washing, care products, skin care products and color cosmetics. For example, adding medium viscosity two methyl silicone oil and methyl silicone oil to various skin care products can improve the skin development of cosmetics and protect the skin. Adding two methyl silicone oil and methyl phenyl silicone oil to eye shadow and lipstick can improve the dispersity of pigment and improve the development and sense of use. After adding silicone oil in shampoo and mousse, the foam is stable and can improve the carding effect of the hair. Adding a small amount of two methyl silicone oil into shaving cream can increase the lubrication between the skin and the blade.

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