What Are The Most Common Silicone Products In Life

In our daily life, we often use a variety of silica gel products, because they are made of 100% environmentally friendly silica gel, which is environmentally healthy, non-toxic and tasteless, and does not contain harmful substances. The surface is sprayed with silicone oil, which is not easily stained with dust. It has a good feel and anti-static function. It can meet the requirements of international RoHS, FDA, lfgb and SGS standards. The applicable temperature range is – 40 to 23 More and more people accept and even like the unique function of 0 ℃. Silica gel products include: silica gel cup, silica gel kitchenware, silicone toys, silica gel daily necessities, silicone gifts, silicone protective cover and other silicone products. It can be said that silicone products have covered all aspects of our life.

Let's take a look at the silicone products that occupy the majority of our lives

1、 Silicone Cup

Silicone foldable cup, glass coffee cup with silicone cup cover cup cover, cork cover coffee cup with rotatable silica gel cup cover, large capacity silica gel water bottle

2、 Silicone kitchenware

Silicone bag, silicone cover, silicone gloves, silicone straw, silicone antiskid pad, silicone lunch box, silica gel dishwasher, silicone kneading bag, silicone clip and silicone brush

3、 Silicone protective sleeve for communication equipment

Mobile phone silicone protective case, airpods earphone protective cover, silicone bracket, headset cable data cable u-winding device, charging equipment storage and fixing device, silicone earphone storage sleeve

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