What are the necessary materials for COVID-19 outbreak


Many enterprises have already started to arrange for their employees to return to work. In recent days, the peak period of returning to work will be ushered in. The population mobility is more intensive than during the Spring Festival. In addition to going out for protection, the home also needs cleaning and disinfection. So what are the necessities for the outbreak?

1. Mask

Through this pneumonia epidemic situation, we have very clear understanding, to defend the virus, only medical shell mask and kn95 mask can work.

Although it is difficult to buy these two kinds of masks at present, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China said that there will be a large number of masks on the market in the near future, and the shortage of masks may be significantly improved. After the outbreak, you can also appropriately buy some disposable medical shell masks at home for standby. In case of daily common cold and flu, it is better to wear masks.

2. Goggles



You may have found that medical staff in the anti epidemic front line will wear goggles. In fact, ordinary individuals can also prepare some goggles. You can buy ordinary non fully enclosed goggles to prevent droplets, dust and ultraviolet rays.


3. Iodophor

Iodophor has a better disinfection effect on common cuts and abrasions, and the irritation of Iodophor on the wound is smaller than that of medical alcohol, and it will not be so painful when smeared. As a daily stock, you can buy iodophor cotton stick, which is convenient to use and easy to keep.


4. 75% medical alcohol or alcohol cotton

75% novel coronavirus can also be killed by the use of medical alcohol. Therefore, 75% of the medical alcohol can be prepared at home.

Because alcohol is flammable and volatile, it is dangerous to use alcohol directly, especially not to spray it in large area. Therefore, you can also purchase some alcohol cotton chips, which can be used to wipe the mouse, keyboard, remote control, key, mobile phone and door handle that are easy to be contaminated with viruses and bacteria.




What are the contents of the necessary materials for the outbreak of the epidemic, I hope to help you.

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