What are the properties of food-grade silicone tube components?

 Food-grade silicone tube is a transparent and soft tube, which can pass water, seal, and conduct air, with the perfection of extrusion process has developed many excellent products, such as food-grade braided silicone tube, two-color silicone tube, high temperature silicone tube, flame retardant silicone tube, wear-resistant silicone tube, large diameter silicone tube and so on.

Due to the stability of food-grade silicone tube, non-toxic, environmental protection, etc., it is widely used in food medical, daily life and other aspects. At present, it is widely used in food medical and daily life. The common application products are: water dispenser silicone hose, milk bottle silicone straw, coffee machine drainage silicone tube, tea set infusion silicone tube, etc. Why these products should be made of silicone? Why should these products be made of silicone? What ingredients and properties does it have that appeal to people?

   1. Food grade silicone tube composition: by silicic acid polycondensation from the inorganic polymer colloidal material, the main component is Si02-nH20 (chemical molecular formula), the content of which is generally more than 96%, the higher the concentration the better. Another way to extract food grade silicone tube raw materials is to take most of the precipitation method, a simple understanding is to be placed in a container so that silicone precipitation, the middle and above part is high quality raw material transparency and no impurities in this part of the raw material is used to make food grade silicone tube, while some impurities and imperfection is precipitated to the lower layer is generally used in industrial grade above. The products are non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, and basically do not react with any substance under normal circumstances except strong acid and alkali. Compared with other silicone tube materials, it has more safety and health characteristics.
  2. Food grade silicone tube technical parameters.

 Material:  Food-grade silicone
 Hardness(Shore A)   35~70±5°
 Density(g/cm3)   1.2±0.1
 Elongation at break (%)   ≥200%
 Tensile strength (Mpa)  ≥6Mpa
 Tear strength (KN/m)   ≥18KN/m
 Temperature range(°C)   -40~300°C
 Yellowing resistance  No significant change in one year
 Environmental grade  ROHS、NSF、FDA、LFGB
 Color  Customizable (usually default to transparent)
Flame Retardant Rating (UL)   UL-94-HB (custom V0 available) 


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