What are the silicone material products

With the changes of the times, silica gel products have been widely used in foreign countries, and domestic silicone products have been re recognized. Silica gel materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and feel good, which can be widely used in people's daily life

The birth of glue material has made outstanding contributions in many fields (kitchen products, digital it, medical equipment, engineering construction, etc.).


Today, we share the special charm of silicone material in industrial design through some excellent cases!




The good physical properties and stable chemical properties of silica gel enable it to be used for a long time from – 60 (or lower temperature) to + 250 (or higher temperature).



Silicone toy is non-toxic, harmless to children's body, and insulation, high chemical inertia, is an ideal toy production raw material.


3Antiskid protection

The skid resistance of silicone material is often used as one of the components of the product. At the bottom of the product, the anti-skid cover of the cup and the hand-held part of the digital camera, silica gel plays an anti-skid role. The mobile phone shell made of silica gel is recognized by the majority of consumers because of its good anti-skid performance.



Silicone material soft feel, full elasticity is often used to make product buttons, or through secondary injection molding to perfectly blend it with other materials, with the waterproof characteristics of the button.


5Nipples and products in direct contact with skin

Because of its food grade use, silica gel can also be used to make baby pacifiers, or to make products directly in contact with the human body.





Silicone must be the first choice for products that need to be sealed, such as the sealing ring of pressure cooker, the fresh-keeping box of lekou and the cover of water cup.


From the perspective of industrial design, silica gel can also be used to make silica gel mold. Silica gel mold is a special mold adhesive for making handicrafts. The characteristics of silica gel are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tear resistance and high simulation precision. It is a special mold for making various crafts.

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