What are the silicone products and what are their uses?

The common silicone products have the characteristics of environmental protection, bright color, good elasticity and good handle. They are gradually integrated into our life unconsciously. While we lament the rapid penetration of these silica gel products, we have to admit that silica gel products have indeed brought color, convenience and fun to our life.


The following silicone products summarizes the common silicone products in daily life, to see if you are also these silicone products. .


1. Silicone mobile phone case

Due to the soft touch, soft texture and strong plasticity of silicone, the colorful mobile phone case is popular. Mobile phone holder not only can be used in daily life, but also can be used in car.


2. Silicone gloves

Silicone gloves are harmless to human body, resistant to high and low temperature, steaming and boiling, water vapor resistant, green and environmental protection. When baking bread, are you looking forward to a pair of silicone insulated gloves? Bright and beautiful colors, lovely and lively shape, when you see it at the first glance, it is recognized.


3. Silicone non slip pad

Silicone anti-skid pad is superior to PVC and Pu in terms of service performance; environmental protection performance is obviously better than PVC and PU; adhesion is stronger than PVC, lower than Pu, toughness is stronger than Pu, lower than PVC, elasticity is also in between; temperature resistance is from – 50 to 200 , which is also the best temperature resistance of several materials.


4. Silicone Wallet

Silicone wallet is the category of silicone products and gifts. The raw material of silicone wallet is solid silica gel, which is molded by mold, vulcanized and pressed. It has comfortable handle, bright color, environmental protection, and will not cause harm to the skin. The strap can be deformed at any time and restored immediately. It is a popular promotion gift in recent years.

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