What Are The Silicone Products In Life

Maybe many friends are not familiar with silicone products, but when it comes to Plastic products, they must be household names! Plastic products can be seen everywhere in our daily life, because plastic products have already laid a foundation in our life! But I don't believe in the durability of plastic products! In the near future, all plastic products will be replaced by silica gel products, which have the characteristics of silicone! Plastic products produce black smoke when burning, its material is toxic! But the silica gel is different, the silica gel belongs to the green environmental protection, the product non-toxic harmless!

In our daily life, silica gel products have gradually appeared. For example, the sealing ring in the cap of the thermos bottle for drinking water is made of silica gel, and the sealing rings in the pressure cooker and rice cooker when we cook are all made of silica gel! We usually use mobile phone protective cover, silicone nipple and bottle for children to drink miChina! When we eat, the silicone mat on the dining table, the high-temperature silicone gloves used in the microwave oven, the silicone jewelry in the key pendant of the mobile phone pendant and so on are all silicone products!

Silica gel products can be so widely used thanks to its own material characteristics! Soft, high and low temperature resistant, long service life, environmental protection, non-toxic and so on!

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