What Are The Types And Applications Of RFID Silicone Tag?

Tire management, RFID silicone Tag tires are implanted with RFID electronic tags, so that each tire becomes an effective data tracking carrier. With the tire information database, RFID Silicone Tag it can effectively manage the entire life cycle of the tire. Intelligent inspection management: The application of RFID technology can realize the electronic, RFID Silicone Tag information and intelligent inspection work, thereby improving work efficiency and ensuring the safe operation of power equipment. Suitable for enterprises,RFID Silicone Tag independent substations and centralized control stations and other users to customize and manage the equipment information, RFID Silicone Tag inspection tasks, inspection lines, inspection points, RFID Silicone Tag and inspection items involved in electric power inspections, to achieve inspection control and defect management Standardization, RFID Silicone Tag thereby improving the management level of power equipment.

Airport baggage management: RFID electronic tag technology is applied to the tracking and management of air parcels to ensure that airlines can track and manage passengers’ checked baggage, RFID Silicone Tag so that the safe arrival of passengers and checked baggage on time is guaranteed.

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