What are the uses of linear silicone oil?

silicone oil is widely used in our daily life. Silicone oil can also be subdivided into a variety of specifications and types of silicone. One of them is linear silicone oil. Linear silicone oil is a common silicone oil product, so what is linear silicone oil? What are the application fields of linear silicone oil? Linear silicone oil is widely used in our current market, such as personal protection and cosmetics, medical and food, electrical insulation media, transportation equipment and instruments, lubrication, coating additives and other fields are some of the main application areas of linear silicone oil.


Linear silicone oil has some other uses, such as the application of silicone oil in traffic equipment and instruments, lubricating silicone oil, coating additive silicone oil, etc. In the application of silicone oil in traffic instruments and meters, the unique properties of linear silicone oil are high and low temperature resistance, low viscosity coefficient, low vapor pressure, shear resistance, compressibility, non-toxic and tasteless. These unique properties make it widely used as power transmission medium, working oil, damping oil, brake oil, fluid coupling, lubrication and polishing, defoaming and water increasing agent in transportation machinery and instrument industry.


What's the use of linear silicone oil in lubricating silicone oil and coating additive silicone oil? Linear silicone oil, especially dimethyl silicone oil and methylphenyl silicone oil, is suitable for the lubrication of Plastic (phenolic resin, nylon, polycarbonate, etc.) gears, bearings, shaft sleeves and rubber sealing rings. For metal parts, it is only suitable for the lubrication of synchronous motors, precision mechanical instruments and oil-bearing porous bronze bearings. Linear silicone oil has low surface tension and unique interface properties. Only a small amount of [0.0001% – 0.5% (mass fraction)] low viscosity dimethylsilicone oil is added to coatings and inks, which can effectively reduce the surface tension, improve the coating property and expansibility, obtain a uniform coating without orange peel, and improve the dispersibility of pigments and other additives in coatings and inks to avoid the problem of corrosion It segregates, floats or precipitates.

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