What are the uses of sewing thread silicone oil

Application of silicone oil for electrical insulation media:

The electrical properties of linear silicone oil are not better than ordinary insulating oil, but its viscosity range is wide, dielectric loss is small, flash point and ignition point are high, and it can maintain good dielectric properties in a wide range of temperature and frequency. Silicone oil has good compatibility with other insulating materials, so it is widely used in various transformers, capacitors, electronic equipment, components and devices, insulation cooling, impregnation, lubrication, coating and heat carrier of cable parts.


Application of silicone oil in traffic equipment and instrument:

Because of its high and low temperature resistance, low viscosity coefficient, low vapor pressure, shear resistance, compressibility, non-toxic and tasteless properties, linear silicone oil can be widely used as power transmission medium, working oil, buffer damping oil, brake oil, fluid coupling joint, lubrication and polishing, defoaming and water increasing agent, etc.


Lubricated silicone oil applications:

Sewing thread silicone oil, especially dimethyl silicone oil and methylphenyl silicone oil, is suitable for lubrication of Plastic (phenolic resin, nylon, polycarbonate, gear, bearing, shaft sleeve and rubber seal ring) except for metal parts. It is only suitable for lubrication of synchronous motor, precision mechanical instrument and instrument, oil-bearing porous bronze bearing.

What are the uses of sewing thread silicone oil

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