What factors affect the performance of thermal conductive silicone grease

In order to improve the thermal performance of computer CPU, most people will use thermal conductive silicone grease. The fluidity of this adhesive is very low, it will not flow around after application, and the waste is very little. At the same time, the thermal conductivity is good, which can prolong the service time of parts and reduce the cost investment.

What factors affect the performance of thermal conductive silicone grease?

Thermal conductive silicone grease is different from other adhesives in that it does not need to be cured. After coating, it can play an excellent performance. Different quality adhesives have different characteristics. In order to improve the thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductivity, conductivity, viscosity and fluidity must be considered. The better the performance of these elements, the better the thermal conductivity and adhesion, which can be used safely.

What should be considered when purchasing thermal conductive silicone grease?

1. Regardless of the quality and dosage, choose products with quality assurance. The better the quality, the higher the viscosity, but the better the coating, play a greater value.

2. There is no lack of thermal conductive silicone brand in the brand market. Different brands have different influence and different quality of products listed on the market. It is more reassuring to cooperate with powerful suppliers.

3. Price. For many users, they don't want to buy expensive thermal conductive silicone grease. According to the specific use situation, under the premise of ensuring the quality, choose the products with discount price as far as possible. In particular, users with large demand should make a good budget and try not to exceed the budget to buy products that are easier to use.


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