What Is 3D Masked Bracket For Comfortable Breathing?

What is 3D Masked Bracket for Comfortable Breathing?

Are you tired of trying to talk without sucking in your mask or having to keep pausing cause your mask is almost in your mouth?? Well here is your solution. 3D Masked Bracket fits nicely over nose and mouth underneath mask. It allows to just be able to talk normally and breath normally without fear of sucking in mask into the mouth.

Material: It's made of a soft Plastic that is bendable. It’s easy to wash after use. It can be wore for 8 hours while at work then come home, pull it out, and then hand wash it with soap and water. It’s easy to wipe down easily should you get nauseated and “barf” on it.

Use: It is easy to use. There are little clips in the sides of the mask, which you be used to clip on to the inside of a pleated disposable surgical mask. Now if you wear a cloth mask, you can use a safety pin to hold the mask in place so it doesn’t fall out when taking the mask off. The other option is making two little slits in the mask. The other think you can do is put your cloth mask on and then place the 3D Masked Bracket in.

Function: 3D Masked Bracket can be reused to increase the number of masks used and solve the problem of shortage of masks. Suitable for people working with masks for a long time, reducing the discomfort of wearing masks. Also Suitable for every people when wearing a mask.

What Is 3D Masked Bracket For Comfortable Breathing?

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