What Is Baby Boy Bibs

Starting solid? Or are you tired of food stains on your laundry? With our baby boy bibs, meal time is easier! Our sbaby boy bibs are made from 100% food grade silicone, very soft but durable.

Our beautiful baby boy bibs come in a variety of colors to complement our dumbbell chains and bib dummies and your baby's clothes. In addition to natural earth tones, we also have bright and bold colors, so you will definitely find the right home for you.

There is a deep and wide catcher area, so food and drink reduces their clothes from getting dirty!

There are 4 buttons and reinforced button holes, so it can be adjusted without tearing.

Roll up the bib and put the cutlery in it! When you go out and walk, please add a waterproof travel bag. Put a rag or a piece of cloth in one part of the bag and your bib in a large part. Our baby boy bibs are machine washable and will soon dry for next use. Great for travel or just easy to store!

Here are the advantages of our baby boy bibs:

– completely BPA Free, FDA approved silicone.

-Hand wash, use a rag or dishwasher on the top shelf – who has time to wash their hands?

-Our baby boy bibs are suitable for children aged 6-36 months.

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What Is Baby Boy Bibs

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