What Is Baby Spoon And Fork Set

Safety materials: our baby spoon and fork is FDA certified, tip food grade PP, handle food grade TPE, 100% BPA Free, lead free and latex free. It is perfect for baby to learing how to use the spoon and fork.

Perfect self feeding function: handle of our baby spoon and fork can be bent in any direction, so that the baby can eat from different angles, increasing hand eye coordination.

Easy to carry: bring your own carrying case, keep the tableware healthy, keep clean before use, and don't dirty the diaper bag after use during travel.

Safety and practicality: there is a balance between stabbing food and protecting your baby. Babies can easily stab food and feed themselves.

Easy to clean: our baby spoon and fork is dishwasher safe! You can also wash it with boiling water. Integrated design, easy to clean, not easy to break.

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What Is Baby Spoon And Fork Set

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