What Is COVID19

The novel coronavirus pneumonia of Du, the World Health Organization director general of Bai, was officially named "2019 coronavirus disease" (daoCOVID-19) in February 11th. The World Health Organization director general of the World Health Organization, Tan DESAY, announced that the Zhi pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus will be officially named as "coronavirus disease" (daoCOVID-19).

Among them, "CO" stands for corona, "VI" stands for virus, "d" stands for disease, "19" stands for the year of disease discovery in 2019.

At the same time, because the coronavirus that caused the pneumonia was highly related to the coronavirus that caused SARS, the virus was named "sars-cov-2".

"It's important to have a name that prevents people from using other inaccurate or stigmatized names." "We want a name that doesn't allude to any geographic location, animal, individual or group," says Mr tandesay

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