What Is Face Masking Lanyard For Kid?

What is Face Masking Lanyard for Kid?

Face masking lanyard for kid can reuse and protect your face protection and keep your face cover close by, handy and clean. Let yourself breathe again and allow yourself to be understood when speaking from a safe distance of course.

Face masking lanyard for kid is a simple but secure strap with an adjustable buckle so it fits any size adult and any neck. Now you can vent your face and take a break and have hands free access to your face cover any time. The two clip lanyards are durable but comfortable polyester cord that straps around your neck and forms a bridge from one elastic face cover band to the other.

Metal Swivel hook easily clips to the ear loop string on your face cover or cloth ear hole. Hook grips tight and secure to both ends and holds tight to prevent slipping or dropping that result in dropping and needing cleaning.

Face masking lanyard for kid is the perfect face cover keeper so you won't even need a case or bag to store them in. Wear these cords the way you would wear sunglass retainers. They make it super easy to hold your valuable and required face cover and not risk losing it or getting it dirty and needing a replacement.

What Is Face Masking Lanyard For Kid?

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