What Is Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Product information: Material: silicone. Our hand sanitizer bracelet is soft, durable, waterproof, smooth handle, sunscreen, no discoloration, no deformation. Cleaning instructions: clean with soap and warm water and then refill. Adult / child Unisex – one size (adjustable strap length). 7 years and older – use under adult supervision. Our hand sanitizer bracelet can hold 10 ml liquid. The 9mm filler is wide enough to accommodate most of the product nozzles.

Our hand sanitizer bracelet is washable, rewritable and suitable for loose liquids and liquid gels. It can hold 10 ml liquid and is easy to replenish. Fill up your favorite liquid and press it on the wristband logo to distribute it when you're free. This wristband is ideal for travel, healthcare, the service industry and anyone else. It's the perfect gift for yourself and your lover.

What do you get: 1pc hand sanitizer bracelet + 1pc bottle. Note:  To ensure safety, children should use hand sanitizer under the supervision of adults.

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What Is Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

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