What is KN95 4

It is worth noting that the GB 2626-2006 "respiratory protective equipment self-priming prevent particulate respirator filter type" will become invalid, instead of the new standard GB 2626-2019 "prevent particulate respirators self-priming filter type respirator", is by the state administration of market supervision and management on December 31, 2019 by the People's Republic of China in 2019, the 17th national standard announcement to the whole society, and will take effect on July 1, 2020, the new standard by the emergency department and focal points are put forward.

At present, the text of the new standard has been published and made available to the whole society free of charge as a mandatory standard.The new standard adds seven terms such as "aerodynamic particle size", modifies some technical requirements and detection methods, but does not modify the classification, marking and filtration efficiency listed in this paper

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