What Is Reusable Silicone Tea Infuser?

What is Reusable silicone Tea Infuser?

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Reusable silicone tea infuser with BPA-free Silicone handle and drip tray with high-grade stainless steel mesh tea ball are made to guarantee your healthy life.

MORE PRACTICAL: Reusable silicone tea infuser is designed to be practical not just beautiful or attractive. Truly fine mesh helps you to filter all types of tea, including super fine tea that get through other tea balls or tea diffusers.

BETTER TASTE AND FASTER: Reusable silicone tea infuser has more holes and won't float. Tea leaves will expand and bloom fully in the water. You can get a better flavor faster every time.

EASY TO USE: Unique handing design makes reusable silicone tea infuser possible to hang on cups & mugs of different sizes. Simply fill tea, twist to close, steep with hot water and then get a cup of fresh full flavored tea. Perfect for working or travelling.

What Is Reusable Silicone Tea Infuser?

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