What Is Shampoo Dispenser Grooming Brush

2 in 1 bath and groom brush design – this brush is not only used for bathing and grooming, but also designed for dandruff removal, massage, exfoliation and relaxation. It integrates multiple functions to let your pet enjoy the bath.

Saving Shampoo – our dispenser grooming brush is an integrated foam storage tank designed to save shower foam and produce more foam. It can also avoid skin sensitivity caused by using too much shower gel.

Soft and safe – our dispenser grooming brush is made of high-quality ABS material, without bisphenol A, harmless. Soft silicone bristles remove dirt and loose hair without damaging your pet's skin.

Non slip and easy to hold – this pet bath brush is ergonomically designed. Like the appearance of the mouse with anti-skid particles, so easy to grasp, not tired and not slippery. Suitable for long hair or short hair pets (dogs, cats and small pets).

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What Is Shampoo Dispenser Grooming Brush

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