What Is SIlicone Baby Finger Toothbrush

Make teeth cleaning fun: kids really want to use toothbrush?! Use our silicone finger toothbrush to make the ceremony easier sooner or later. Whether your baby is already teething or not, they will love the feeling of using our brushes.

Safe chewing: tired of fishing at will from your little guy's mouth? Our silicone finger toothbrush is made of 100% food grade, non-toxic, bisphenol a free, high-quality silicone material, completely safe and suitable for your child to chew. They are also easy to clean, including three toothbrushes, stored in different color health boxes and travel, and you have everything you need to make sure your mouth is clean.

Comfortable teeth cleaning: our silicone toothbrush is made of silicone and storage boxes made of PP, non-toxic and tasteless for safe use, gently cleans and massages baby's sensitive gums, training their teeth, can bring your beloved one comfortable cleaning experience and cultivate their healthy and hygienic oral habits from the very start.

Easy to use and clean: getting a toothbrush into (or out of) your baby's mouth can be a nightmare, but our finger toothbrush makes oral hygiene easy. Ergonomically shaped to fit your fingers, the soft, elastic bristles provide a gentle massage feel. Double sided design can even clean tongue and massage lumps.

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What Is SIlicone Baby Finger Toothbrush

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