What Is Silicone Bottle Brush For Cleaning?

What is silicone Bottle Brush for Cleaning?

Silicone bottle brush for cleaning made of healthy silicon; Non-toxic, environmental and no pollution, Compared to sponge and nylon brushes, it won't breed bacteria and go mouldy, which is more safe and health.

With those soft and dense silicone bristles,our silicone bottle brush for cleaning is flexible enough to keep your glassware, carafe and blender non-scratch during the cleaning process; Unique handle anti-slip technology provides a comfortable grip even when wet and soapy.

The bristles always maintain their shape, free worry breaking, separating, odors and stains;Silicone water bottle brush handle made of manganese steel ensure strong rust free and sturdy; Our silicone clean brush is a dishwasher which can stand high temperature up to 464°F.

Our silicone bottle brush for cleaning is designed to allow you hang up easily ensure quick dry as silicone don't absorb water; They repulse unpleasant odors, grease and stains, preventing nasty germ build-up which are more diasostic.

Pefect solution for all narrow neck and bottom containers, this silicone bottle brush for cleaning could easily get deep down into nooks and crannies to scrub away stubborn grime in tall and narrow containers.

What Is Silicone Bottle Brush For Cleaning?

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