What Is Silicone Coaster For Drink Cup?

What is silicone Coaster for Drink Cup?

MATERIAL: Our silicone coaster for drink cup is made of food grade silicone. They are soft, and not afraid of falling. Not easy to deform. They won’t hurt the tabletop, so you can directly put them on it. They are not easy to slide, soft and elastic, with better adhesion, as well as a stronger anti-slip property to the cup.

MODERN DESIGN: Simple and classy silicone coaster for drink cup with a round shaped,groove edge which looks really stylish.You can use them on your dining table, coffee table or even for your favorite cup at the office.

HEAT RESISTANCE: Good high-temperature resistance and low-temperature stability, low temperature -30 degrees, high temperature 240 degrees.

EASY TO CLEAN: Our lightweight, high quality silicone coaster for drink cup,durable and water resistant and easy to clean. Besides,These wonderful drinks coasters can protect your beloved dining table, kitchen countertops from damage and appropriate stains by hot water, coffee and tea.

UNIVERSAL SIZE: 100mm size suits all commercial type of cups and mugs,making them the perfect size for holding coffee cups, kids' drinks, sports bottles, craft cocktails and tumblers.

What Is Silicone Coaster For Drink Cup?

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