What Is Silicone Ear Loop Strap?

What is silicone Ear Loop Strap?

Wearing a face mask all day long can add pressure on your ears and even cause irritation. That is why the amazing silicone ear loop strap is popular, an adjustable hook that protects your ears and makes your mask more comfortable to wear.

Our silicone ear loop strap has 4 tightening levels for more comfort. You can set the hook easily and effortlessly to make your ear strap as tight or loose as needed.

 Wearing our silicone ear loop strap can help to prevent earaches and unaesthetic marks. It can help adjust the mask for large or small faces that have trouble finding a suitable size.

The silicone ear loop strap comes in a nice color and is made with a soft material. They can easily be hidden under long hair or worn on top for more comfort. The set includes 3 elastic bands that can be used by the whole family.

What Is Silicone Ear Loop Strap?

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