What Is Silicone Face Mask Bracket?

What is silicone Face Mask Bracket?

More Breathing Space – Use silicone face mask bracket in your mask . It makes it so much easier to breath and speak. No more mask sucking in your mouth or sticking to your lips.

Facial Skin Care – The silicone face mask bracket is soft and gentle on the skin. The bracket prevents the mask from getting too close to your nostrils and mouth, making breathing much easier.

Prevent Fogginess – The nose bridge area helps to prevent fogginess if you're wearing a face shield or glasses.

Safe And Reusable – Silicone face mask bracket is made of food grade silicone. Easy to wash and clean and resistant.

How Use – Let the mask hold the bracket first and put on the mask. Then adjust the position of the bracket to make it fit face perfectly. You can also try to use Double-faced adhesive tape or needle and thread to fasten the bracket onto the mask.

What Is Silicone Face Mask Bracket?

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