What Is Silicone Placemat Baby

Our silicone placemat baby is your perfect placemat – there are multi-functional silicone placemat that you can use in many places, such as table, refrigerator, mascot under bowl, art crafts, children's activities, etc.

Our high-quality silicone placemat baby are 1 mm thicker than ordinary ones. Stop using thin, hard to clean mats and pair with cregen global silicone placemat.

No room to carry? Imagine the limited space in a backpack or diaper bag. Our flexible silicone placemat baby fold it into a small square and don't wrinkle when you put them down.

Enough suction – we know it's frustrating when the silicone placemat baby slides on the table without staying in place! We pay special attention to enhancing suction and making it stick to the dining table, kitchen counter and other workstations.

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What Is Silicone Placemat Baby

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