What Is The Advantage Of Silicone Straw Cup?

What Is The Advantage Of silicone Straw Cup?

This baby training cup includes 2 lids. It can be used as an Snack Cup and a straw cup at the same time, or a baby open cup. This is a great little cup/snack holder for out in public.

The silicone straw cup feet keep it very stable when set down. The straw is very slow flow which is very nice and it has a spill proof straw that only allows liquid through when being sucked on. It's small enough where it doesn't take up room in my diaper bag to keep in there at all times.

Baby Snack cup made of of high quality food grade silicone materials, silicone Straw Cup are BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free, are non toxic and are made with eco-friendly materials,It is safe for kids to use, Make sure the safety of the baby training cup.

Can withstand low and high temperatures from -30 to 230°C. After boiling, it can be cleaned with a neutral food detergent, which is easy to disinfect. Very simple to clean. Easily rinse product with warm soapy water or dishwasher.

What Is The Advantage Of Silicone Straw Cup?

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