What Is The Development Prospect Of Silica Gel Products?

What is the development prospect of silica gel products? As a new type of synthetic polymer material, silica gel has outstanding advantages: it has high elongation, corrosion resistance, good high temperature stability, food grade silica gel is more suitable for cooking, baking is equal to the utensils directly contacted by human body. Moreover, silica gel is an inert substance, not easy to dissolve, good structural stability, porous materials, good permeability, safety, non-toxic, health, can effectively eliminate the breeding of a variety of bacteria and fungi.

Silica gel products as a product of rapid development in recent years, how hot is it? Take a look at our daily life, from silicone wire and cable sheath to silicone gasket and seal, from industrial TV high-pressure cap to life's silicone water cup, to medical silicone prosthesis, silicone products are everywhere. In the world, at present, the global silica gel production capacity has reached 500000 T / A, and the annual volume is about 1 billion US dollars. As a new type of synthetic polymer material, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronic and electrical, automobile, machinery, daily use and other fields for its high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent electrical properties, physiological inertia and other characteristics.

In recent years, the production of silica gel products has shown a rapid development trend, and its application fields are also expanding. Some regions such as America, Europe and Asia are the main technology research and development and market places, with concentrated production capacity and obvious characteristics. China's Silicone market demand is huge. At this stage, it is an important stage for the development of China's silicone industry. By 2020, China will surpass the United States and become the world's largest producer and consumer of silicone. According to statistics, from 2000 to 2010, the representative consumption of silicone in China's market increased at an average annual rate of 35%, of which more than two-thirds were dependent on imports. "In the next few years, China's Silicone market will still be in short supply and will rely heavily on imports.

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