What Is The Difference Between A Silicone Mask And A Rubber Mask

What is the difference between a silicone mask and a rubber mask?Which material is better?

Silicone masks are very good at present, many domestic enterprises are using silicone masks compared with rubber:1. Silica gel avirulent insipidity, some rubber toxic delicious. 2. The silicone rubber comfortable soft comfort is obvious than silica gel silica gel is more likely to combine with facial, sealing strong 3. The chemical stability of silica gel is very strong, not easy to react with other chemicals especially rubber did not respond to oil paint the acid and aChinaali in oil will soon be deformation 4. Silica gel is easy to clean, rubber times 5. The service life of the silica gel is very long, even if the silicone seal ring generally in high temperature and high pressure。

Under water and oil environment, there is no problem within 5 years, and the aging resistance of rubber is obviously poor.

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