What Is The Difference Between Medical Silicone Masks And Ordinary Masks(2)

The normal mask is the printed pattern of the fiber mask, which has a good appearance. Its principle is the mechanical blocking effect. Through the mechanical blocking of this layer, large particles can be blocked, but particles less than 5 microns in diameter cannot be stopped, not to mention PM2.5 particles.


Breather valve are not allowed to be used in addition, medical protective mask is also this is because, when the medical protective mask is allowed for surgical masks and wear the mask with exhalation valve will be carried out through the mask to clear the directly of microbes, pose a threat to surgery patients is being carried out in many industrial respirators are designed for ventilation valve, but dust mask with a breather valve is much more expensive than not breathing valve selection principles of medical silica gel mask: in general medical activities can wear gauze mask or disposable surgical masks work or in the operating room nursing of immunocompromised patients and body cavity puncture, should wear masksContact with patients with respiratory infections transmitted by air and droplets, as well as contact with patients (such as SARS and Ebola virus protection) must wear a silicone or N95 surgical mask.

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