What is the difference between nitrile gloves and latex gloves II

3. Anti allergy

Latex gloves contain protein, which is easy to produce allergic reaction for people with allergic constitution.

Nitrile gloves do not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely cause allergy.

4. Degradability

Latex gloves and nitrile gloves can be degraded, easy to handle, and conducive to environmental protection.


5. Puncture resistance

The toughness and wear resistance of latex gloves are slightly inferior to those of nitrile gloves.

The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is three to five times higher than that of latex. For dentists who need to use sharp tools, the use of durable nitrile gloves can create a safer barrier in contact with patients.


6. Elasticity

Latex gloves are soft and wear-resistant, and have better elasticity than nitrile gloves.


7. Fit hand shape

Because NBR gloves contain butadiene monomer, it can be a flexible rubber, it can let the wearer experience the best tactile sensitivity. In addition, the fit hand type is due to its good thermal conductivity, which provides excellent flexibility, which is particularly important for medical professionals or those who operate small parts or tools.


8. Price

Because the chemical and acid-base resistance of nitrile material is much better than that of latex, the price of nitrile gloves is higher than that of latex products.

9. Color

NBR material can be added with pigment, the color is bright. It can relieve the tension of patients.

In addition, NBR gloves have certain antistatic properties, low chemical residue, low ion content and small particle content on the surface, which are suitable for strict dust-free room environment.

To sum up, there is no absolute difference between good and bad gloves. People can choose suitable gloves according to their own needs.

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