What Is The Silicone Shoe Cover

The silicone shoe cover is durable and non-slip-these shoes and boots are made of 100% high-quality non-toxic silicone rubber to ensure durability and environmental protection. The tight tread mechanism design of the sole provides better slip resistance than other shoe covers, etc..

The silicone shoe cover is also ideal for shoes to protect shoes from rain and snow in the snow or in the snow. Suitable for outdoor activities, such as cycling, cycling, skiing, skiing, fishing, hiking, weeding, etc.

Easy to carry and store: These silicone shoe cover is very soft, so you can fold them in your bag and easily hang them with the holes in the shoe covers. Elastic material fits everyone's shoes, easy to put on and take off

Ergonomic design, five colors can be used to decorate your shoes perfectly. Our waterproof shoe covers are thicker and more durable than other similar silicone shoe covers.

What Is The Silicone Shoe Cover

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