What kind of grease is used for car skylight

Nowadays, many cars are equipped with skylight, which can not only improve the air circulation inside the car, but also satisfy the enthusiasts who like photography. In order to keep the skylight with excellent sliding performance, most car owners use automobile skylight grease for maintenance. As for what kind of grease is used for maintenance, here is an introduction:

It is necessary to select the grease with synthetic oil as the base oil to protect the rubber strip from abrasion, excellent noise reduction and lubrication, and the skylight can start normally in extremely cold areas with remarkable low temperature performance. Grease with the following characteristics is required:

1. Wide temperature range, low temperature – 40 ℃;

2. Good oxidation resistance and shear stability, long service life;

3. Excellent wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, good compatibility with most plastics and rubber;

4. Excellent lubricity, very low volatility and diffusion, low friction coefficient;

5. Excellent adhesion and long-term noise reduction;

6. Low sliding resistance, high travel efficiency and high load efficiency

7. Excellent water resistance, corrosion and rust resistance.

What kind of grease is used for car skylight

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